3 Quick Landscaping Tips For Dummies

garden landscape ideasMany people want to have a great lawn. They have the ideal picture of green grass and fresh flowers. There are some landscaping tips to help a person get the lawn that they dream of.


Many lawns need additional nutrients in order to reach their ideal state. Fertilizers will help the grass become both healthy and lush. The fertilizer will add nitrogen to the soil which will allow the grass to be greener and give it the proper nutrients.

There are a number of organic fertilizers that can be used. This will keep harmful chemicals off the ground and away from children and pets. The grass will be able to get more nutrients needed to stay healthy.

Water Regularly

In order to grow the grass will need plenty of water especially during the hot months. It is best to water the grass in the evening or in the early morning. This will allow the grass to soak up the moisture and keep it from evaporating.

Mow the Grass

A person needs to make sure their lawn is well maintained. They can do this by mowing it on a regular basis. The blades of the lawn mower should be shaped so the grass is cut.

Dull blades will rip the grass. It is best to cut half of the grass at a time. This will allow the grass to grow in evenly. Do not mow the lawn when the grass is wet. This will leave clumps in the yard.

Not only will this smother the new grass that is going to grow it will be a mess to clean up. Clumps can also leave dead spots in the yard.

These are just some tips to help a person get a beautiful lawn. If a person follows these tips they will have grass that is lush and green.